Knot Untied
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River Bridal Boudoir Shoot
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High Fashion River Boudoir Series
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Countryside Cottage Boudoir
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Chasing the Perfect Light
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Strength and Grace Through Yoga
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Jess Ah Natural
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Flower Crown River Boudoir Photo Shoot
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Playful Natural Light Boudoir Shoot
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Private Session in Paris
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Pinup Inspired Black and Red Boudoir Photo Shoot
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Gypsy Boudoir Shoot
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Boho Fine Art Boudoir Shoot
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Denver Loft Boudoir Shoot
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Mermaids are Real | Outdoor Film Boudoir Shoot
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Styled Shoot | Knot Untied

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Creamy and Bright Maternity Milk Bath Boudoir
Photos by Sarah Gillogly Studios | Milk Bath - 118
There's just something about a milk bath and a pregnant momma-to-be that just seem to go together. As much as we love all milk bath shoots, maternity milk baths are definitely a favorite. The milky white water seems to hug and show off a pregnant belly in such a feminine and sensual way that really cannot be achiever by any other type of session.  Sarah Gillogly Studios did a highlighted each and every curve of...
River Bridal Boudoir Shoot
Photos by JoPhoto | Trending | Bridal - 117
Everyone at Lace in Light is sick and tired of the cold so when this shoot hit our inbox we were all like, "FINALLY!" The bright light and reflective waters are a breath of fresh spring air! Wedding season is my favorite time of year; just as I start basking in the warmth of a new season, letterpress-printed and flower-adorned Save the Dates flood my mailbox and I can't help but do a little happy dance. It's tha...
Rustic Boudoir Portraiture
Photos by Yours Truly Portraiture | Urban Exploration - 44
For this session, Yours Truly Portraiture beautifully captures the warmth and rustic atmosphere of this venue. Her photography style shows off the natural beauty of a woman outside free of traditional posing and studio restrictions. Paired with beautiful lingerie pieces from BHLDN we love how she was able to capture a warm day on the farm with this beauty. The real rockstars of this shoot are the...
Rawson Lake Trail Styled Shoot
Photos by Chic & Grace Studios | Outdoor - 116
It's shoots like this that remind me how beautiful and peaceful nature is. While everyone else seems antsy for summer to arrive already, I'm actually a little sad that winter is coming to an end. Nature quiets down during the winter months allowing visitors to fully take in its beauty. Winter means cozy sweaters and snuggling by the fire on a snowy day. What is there not to love? Chic & Grace Studios braved the cold ...
Simple Portrait Boudoir with Tattoos
Photos by Sky and Reef Photography | Studio - 115
Hands down the best part of this shoot is the puppy that makes a brief appearance near the end! Sky and Reef Photography utilizes their creative spirit with the playful posing and styling of this shoot. So often boudoir features slinky babydolls and chemises, which is great, but personally I favor the shoots that incorporate pieces from the model's personal wardrobe. It's imporant to bring items with you to your shoot tha...
How to Make the Perfect Milk Bath
By Jada Parrish | How To
What woman doesn't love a luxurious and soothing bath? Hello milk baths! A few years ago the milk bath trend in boudoir photography EXPLODED. People began doing all kinds of crazy shoots in the bath tub with that milky white substance. Well, it looks like the trend is hear to stay. These shoots are particularly popular with pregnant and nursing women.  Making a milk bath is not as simple as it may seem. There are so...
Dreaming Out Loud
By Catie-Reagan Palmore | Dreaming Out Loud
We are now introducing a new monthly series where the Lace in Light team dreams out loud shoots we would love to receive on the blog. Below are our top five shoots we're on the lookout for. Please feel free to submit via Two Bright Lights or our email if you think you have a shoot that fits these descriptions.   Tattoos Know a woman with killer ink? We're looking to celebrate the art form of tattooing so...
Natural Light and Tattoos Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Solie Designs | Studio - 112
There's definitely something to be said for a stunning, moody series, but something about light and airy images is always refreshing. Shooting in a white room is the best backdrop for achieving a light and airy aesthetic. The natural light floods this studio space beautifully. I'd love to shoot in such a bright studio like this sometime! My favorite shots are the ones near the big window because the light creates dreamy,...
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