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Knot Untied
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Natural Light Studio Boudoir Shoot in Kentucky
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High Fashion River Boudoir Series
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Countryside Cottage Boudoir
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Chasing the Perfect Light
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Strength and Grace Through Yoga
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Coaching for Emotion in Boudoir Photography
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Jess Ah Natural
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Flower Crown River Boudoir Photo Shoot
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Playful Natural Light Boudoir Shoot
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Private Session in Paris
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Pinup Inspired Black and Red Boudoir Photo Shoot
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Gypsy Boudoir Shoot
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Boho Fine Art Boudoir Shoot
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Denver Loft Boudoir Shoot
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Mermaids are Real | Outdoor Film Boudoir Shoot
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Styled Shoot | Knot Untied
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Sunrise Beach Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Ashley Rescott Photography | Water
Ashley Rescott's series makes me feel nostalgic for beach vacations. So often nostalgia is looked down upon because it can make you long for painful things just because you had them. However, I think it is actually a beautiful feeling because it means that even if you lost something or someone, you once had something so beautiful that it's worth missing. Plus, if you love the wrong thing or person so much, just imagine how much you can love the right one. The golden hour sunrise light shines beautifully across the mode...
Boudoir on the Runway | Alexander McQueen Fall 2016 Collection
By Catie-Reagan Palmore | News
Boudoir is serving as an inspiration for high-end fashion powerhouses like Alexander McQueen. The Fall 2016 collection has themes of boudoir, featuring lacy bras and sleeves cut off the shoulder. There are surrealist inspirations Sarah Burton drew from through the prints and fine knits which are simply sensational.    McQueen's Fall 2016 runway was an Alice in Wonderland type of dreamy collection that clearly expressed Sarah Burton's creativity and exquisite craft. With intensive print and material research ...
Boho Inspired Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Katherine Henry Boudoir | Outdoor
This bohemian inspired series by Katherine Henry Boudoir looks like it is from a Free People catalog. The outdoor setting is a whimsical wonderland and clearly photographs beautifully. The model looks effortlessly gorgeous in her perfect wardrobe choices. The vibrant and cozy lounging area Katherine created is perfect for soaking up the lovely outdoor surroundings. What stands out in this series is Katherine's undeniable talent. The composition and lighting are simply sensational. We look forward to seeing more of her ...
High Fashion River Boudoir Series
Photos by Jeff Brummett Visuals | Water
Jeff Brummett's series just might be my favorite feature on Lace in Light so far. I love the elements of high fashion mixed with the beauty of the falls. The model is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and photographs stunningly. Jeff picked a great location that offered a lot of different options for poses. It serves as a great backdrop to showcase the wardrobe choices. The purpose of Lace in Light is to build others up and to remind them to put their insecurities to sleep. Remind others of their worth and that they ...
River Mermaid Inspired Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Boudoir by Debbie Ringle | Water
What I particularly love about Debbie Ringle's series is the amount of emotion captured. Too often I feel that what is wrong with the world is how no one expresses what they feel. By constantly holding it inside, when they are sad, they do not cry. They might be happy, but they do not sing or dance. Maybe they are angry, but they do not scream. Society has taught us that if we do, we must feel ashamed, which is the absolute worst feeling in the world. As a result, everyone walks with their heads down and no one sees how...
Weekly Lace | American Apparel Mesh Lingerie
By Catie-Reagan Palmore | Weekly Lace
The sheer triangle mesh bra from American Apparel is just as comfortable as a bralette, but with a little more support. To introduce a little lace into the mix, try the geo lace bodysuit. This extremely soft material will mold to your curves and show off how small your waist is. These modern looks are sure to make you feel confident and ready for your boudoir shoot! The best part about American Apparel is that they do not use sweat shops to make their garments. Everything is designed, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles....
How to Include Florals Into Your Boudoir Shoot
By Catie-Reagan Palmore | How To
Flowers can be the perfect addition to any boudoir shoot! Their vibrant colors create a beautiful color palette for you to plan your session around. Also, their scent can help put you in a bright mood during the shoot. Here are some fun and creative ways to incorporate them into your next boudoir series! Wedding Bouquet   Photography | Camryn Elizabeth, Jessilynn Wong Photography   Milk Bath   Photography | Melissa Mullins Portraits   Bed Frame Photography | Sara...
Dramatic Lighting Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Rayleigh Leavitt | Bedroom
Rayleigh's model first wanted to do a boudoir shoot for her fiancé as a wedding gift. However, by the end of the shoot, she realized how beneficial the session was for herself. Booking a boudoir session takes a lot of courage. There is so much in our society that pushes women down and makes them feel inadequate. Like myself, most women have struggled with body issues, which is why the idea of boudoir can be a bit intimidating. The sense of confidence and self-love that a boudoir can give a woman is priceless. I c...
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