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A Country Summer Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Trublu Photography | Outdoor
This Post Contains Mild Nudity
Sometimes shoots don't always go as planned. We may have one idea in our heads about how we want the shoot to go, but often the location or our subjects energy can lead the shoot in a completely different direction. I'm a firm believer that the test of a good photographer is their capacity to roll with the punches and embrace new situations and unexpected challenges. That was exactly the case with this shoot by Trublu Photography! She had one vision in mind for this styled boudoir shoot; however, when they arrived...
Studio Boudoir Shoot With Mallory Kate
Photos by J&D Photo LLC | Studio
It has almost become a tradition that every year, Jada and I get together with Mallory and have some sort of portrait session. Jada and Mallory have an intense connection through the lens, and it creates some very magical photos. Mallory always has a plethora of wardrobe options for us, and we all work seamlessly together to create some really awesome photos.  This year, we decided to do our shoot in a brand new studio. Boudoir shoots, as you can imagine, are often very private shoots. We ...
Carrie Warehouse Boudoir
Photos by David Jaan | Urban Exploration
Get a load of this gorgeous shoot by David Jaan! What strikes us most is how relaxed his model looks in front of the camera. He was able to pose his model so perfectly that each pose comes across as a natural movement. This is only topped by his incredible use of light to create shadows and drama in all the right places. Scroll down and prepare to be inspired!
Delicious Healthy Breakfasts from Restoring Radiance
By Catie-Reagan Palmore | How To
Lex (@restoring_radiance) is a health coach who shares the most amazing recipes on Instagram that are both delicious and good for you. Scrolling through her pictures your mouth will start to water. Believe me, they taste as good as they look! Since boudoir shoots are a celebration of the female form, I think it is important that we strive to find a balance of healthy foods and exercise in order to take care of the amazing bodies we were given. Our mothers were right; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Star...
Sunrise Beach Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Ashley Rescott Photography | Water
Ashley Rescott's series makes me feel nostalgic for beach vacations. So often nostalgia is looked down upon because it can make you long for painful things just because you had them. However, I think it is actually a beautiful feeling because it means that even if you lost something or someone, you once had something so beautiful that it's worth missing. Plus, if you love the wrong thing or person so much, just imagine how much you can love the right one. The golden hour sunrise light shines beautifully across the mode...
Boudoir on the Runway | Alexander McQueen Fall 2016 Collection
By Catie-Reagan Palmore | News
Boudoir is serving as an inspiration for high-end fashion powerhouses like Alexander McQueen. The Fall 2016 collection has themes of boudoir, featuring lacy bras and sleeves cut off the shoulder. There are surrealist inspirations Sarah Burton drew from through the prints and fine knits which are simply sensational.    McQueen's Fall 2016 runway was an Alice in Wonderland type of dreamy collection that clearly expressed Sarah Burton's creativity and exquisite craft. With intensive print and material research ...
Boho Inspired Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Katherine Henry Boudoir | Outdoor
This bohemian inspired series by Katherine Henry Boudoir looks like it is from a Free People catalog. The outdoor setting is a whimsical wonderland and clearly photographs beautifully. The model looks effortlessly gorgeous in her perfect wardrobe choices. The vibrant and cozy lounging area Katherine created is perfect for soaking up the lovely outdoor surroundings. What stands out in this series is Katherine's undeniable talent. The composition and lighting are simply sensational. We look forward to seeing more of her ...
High Fashion River Boudoir Series
Photos by Jeff Brummett Visuals | Water
Jeff Brummett's series just might be my favorite feature on Lace in Light so far. I love the elements of high fashion mixed with the beauty of the falls. The model is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and photographs stunningly. Jeff picked a great location that offered a lot of different options for poses. It serves as a great backdrop to showcase the wardrobe choices. The purpose of Lace in Light is to build others up and to remind them to put their insecurities to sleep. Remind others of their worth and that they ...
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