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With much discussion, we have decided to close Lace in Light. We are so grateful for all of the photographers that have contributed to LiL over the years. You have provided us with constant inspiration and helped us personally grow with our own craft of photography.

If you are wondering why, this paragraph is for you! First and foremost our personal evolution has taken us in a different direction. While boudoir and female portrait work will always be a passion, our main focus has shifted into growing our photo company. While it could be possible to continue to run this on the side, our hearts are just not there anymore. We are simply not fans of half ass-ing anything we put our hands on. We hope you understand!

What will happen to Lace in Light now? We will leave the website up to help archive this time period of photography. We hope Lace in Light will continue to motivate photographers, inspire client's, and provide educational tips for this industry. If you have submitted to us and we said yes, please feel free to submit elsewhere. As of today, we will no longer be updating this site.

Thanks again!
Jada + David

Sweet and Edgy Bridal Boudoir
Photos by Anna Scott Photography | Bridal
Ann Scott Photography is a girl after my own heart! Give me any fine art boudoir shoot that involves lace lingerie, fresh greenery, and an exotic boutique then top all of that off with some killer tattoos and I am a happy camper! We love that Anna decided to get creative and reenvision her studio setup for this styled shoot. Nailing a eucalyptus bough to the wall added an amazing earthy feel and the perfect pop of color to play off the neutral tones of her studio. And she took things a step further by draping ...
Golden Beach Italian Boudoir Session
Photos by Ladies and Lord | Outdoor
Between Valentina's long, blonde hair and the gorgeous golden dress, Claudia's Italian series makes my heart sing. The motion created throughout this series evokes excitement, giving the portraits a life-like feel. Each shot is captured at the perfect moment for a windswept look as her hair dances across her face. The cool color palette creates a calming effect that is both contagious and radiant. I find Claudia's photography to be truly inspiring. Here's to those who inspire us and don't even know it!   &nb...
Ethereal Milk Bath Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Lush and Lace Boudoir by Julie Sawatzky | Milk Bath
Bath boudoir sessions always get us a little giddy! There is such a soft, muted elegance to them that really allows the female form to shine. The water is able to be both concealing and revealing to highlight certain parts of the body. This session by Julie Sawatzky has an incredible dream like quality. The muted color tones, lace lingerie, and milky bath work together to create one of the most ethereal boudoir sessions we have ever seen. It's the quiet details interlaced into this shoot that set it apart from...
Gold Dust Woman
Photos by Chelsea Leigh Photography | Bedroom
My favorite aspect of Chelsea Leigh's series is the edgy fashion. The expression "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" rings true through Chelsea's photography. It amazes me how all a photographer really needs to create stunning images is a beautiful model and a dramatic element. Gawdy accessories and intense poses with abstract lighting aren't necessary. There is a big distinction between someone who takes an image and someone who makes it. It is clear that Chelsea sees the final product in her mind and then does...
Valentine's Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Lindsey LaRue Photography | Studio
Love is in the air! Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse for a boudoir shoot. They can make the perfect gift for your significant other or allow you the chance to celebrate your womanhood. Lindsey LaRue's studio shoot is simply stunning. The portraits evoke a raw and intimate feeling, giving a sense of the subject's confidence and strength. Her photographs are both striking, yet subtle in the ways in which they showcase the model. Clearly Lindsey has an eye for depth. Scroll down to admire her incredible artistry!&nbs...
Portlandia Studio Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Peekaboo Portland Boudoir | Hotel
I can understand why a lot of women are a little intimidated by the boudoir experience process. The notion of taking it all off in front of a stranger's camera is daunting. However, I can assure you that it is business as usual for the photographer. You won't shock them with "all this" (generally what women say while gesturing to a particular section of their bodies). Photographers know how to pose you to perfection and will use strategic lighting to ensure that you look your best. I would like to offer a round of appla...
Manor Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Gina Cholick | Hotel
I adore the celebration of femininity throughout Gina Cholick's series! The natural lighting is simply breathtaking and works beautifully with the floral arrangements. This series feels like a symphony to me. Individually each artist in this series, whether it be the model or the photographer, is clearly extraordinarily talented and collectively they become astonishing. With people and with photography, I have found that what we are actually drawn to are the details: the enchantment of the lighting, the kindness i...
Lush Bath Bomb Boudoir Shoot
Photos by J&D Photo LLC | Milk Bath
A few weeks ago, one of my favorite photographer friends posted that she was hosting Lush Bath Bomb Boudoir Mini Sessions! I really wanted to go, but she's based in PA and there was no way I could make it up there. I had never heard of Lush bath bombs before, and was super intrigued. So I googled them. From what I saw, they were bath bombs that produced extremely vivid colors in the bath tub. It looked so cool. I had to get some for myself. Well today was MLK Day, and it became a half work from home half relax day...
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