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A Feminist Approach from Phoebe Sherman
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High Fashion River Boudoir Series
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Countryside Cottage Boudoir
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Chasing the Perfect Light
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Strength and Grace Through Yoga
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Jess Ah Natural
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Flower Crown River Boudoir Photo Shoot
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Playful Natural Light Boudoir Shoot
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Private Session in Paris
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Pinup Inspired Black and Red Boudoir Photo Shoot
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Gypsy Boudoir Shoot
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Boho Fine Art Boudoir Shoot
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Denver Loft Boudoir Shoot
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Mermaids are Real | Outdoor Film Boudoir Shoot
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Styled Shoot | Knot Untied

Featured Posts
Emerald Elegance in Richmond, Virginia
Photos by Audra Lynne Creative | Outdoor - 0
Lace in Light headquarter's is in Richmond, Virginia so you can imagine how excited we were to receive a shoot from our hometown. I'm loving the vibrance of the emerald-colored skirt against the marble columns. It is a beautiful juxtaposition of modern and traditional. The model has an edgy, rocker vibe that is electric. This series makes me want to grab my camera and head downtown to recreate this epic shoot!  &nb...
Whimsical Floral Creek Shoot
Photos by Cactus & Coast Photography | Outdoor - 0
This is one of the most untraditional approaches to bridal boudoir we have ever seen, and we LOVE it. This gorgeous woman wanted to give boudoir photos to her fiance as a wedding gift, but knew the traditional lingerie in a bedroom setting wasn't for her. Cactus & Coast Photography took her colorful vision and brought it to life. This stunning gown was the inspiration for the entire session. The vibrant florals on th...
Urban Jungle Styled Shoot
Photos by Erica Miller Photography | Urban Exploration - 0
Did you hear that sound? Oh, it's just me picking my jaw off the floor! This shoot is a bohemian-goth hybrid and it's like nothing we've ever seen! These two styles were flawlessly blended to create a cohesive aesthetic, and these gorgeous ladies brought Erica Miller Photography's vision to life. The constrating colors, muted tones, and use of texture have us in awe. We literally cannot stop looking at this stunning set!...
Cliffs of Moher Bridal Inspiration
Photos by JoPhoto | Outdoor - 117
Honesty Hour: My dream is to one day elope and get married on the cliffs in Ireland. I love everything about Ireland: the beautiful greenery, the cloudy weather, the kind people, the gorgeous natural landscapes. No matter where you turn, there's always a stunning view. Another dream of mine is to travel through the U.K. photographing high fashion shoots from city to city. JoPhoto's series is the perfect encapsilation of w...
Classic Urban Bohemia Intimate Shoot
Photos by Cattura Weddings | Bridal - 0
When a team of rockstar vendors with a likeminded creative vision come together, amazing things happen!! Cue all the heart eyes because this styled bridal inspiration shoot is too die for!! With bold colors, varying textures, and stunning gowns this shoot is guaranteed to get your creativity flowing. Boho chic gowns and protea bouquests were the perfect combo to create a stylish yet whimsical feel. These bridesmaid gowns...
Baby It's Cold Outside Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Life With a View Studio | Bedroom - 0
We view boudior as a way to express your inner confidence, strength, and a way to celebrate the fact that you're a woman. Enough said. Life With a View Studio photographed this session — she is a force to be reckoned with, camera in hand, dreams in head. Don't dumb down your greatness. It's okay to say that you are confident. It's okay to celebrate your strengths. There has been a longstanding problem with women hav...
Body Positivity Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Kaitlins Photography | Studio - 0
This body positive shoot was done so the model could realize just how beautiful she is just the way she is. My message for each and every one of you lovely readers is that you are beautiful just the way you are. You are kind, unique, and worthy of love and affection. You are never too much and you are always enough. You are precious and the most beautiful of all God's creation. You are worth more than you could ever imagi...
Self-Love Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Jessica Hunt Photography | Curves - 0
This series is pure magic. Rather than going on and on about how much we love this shoot, I'm going to let the model do the talking. From the Client: The self-love revolution took over the internet in 2017, and I couldn’t ever identify with these people. Self-love to me didn’t include bubble baths and trips to Sephora. Self-love was rarely poetic and practical. To me, self-love was forcing myself to come to t...
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