Knot Untied

Misty Magical Forest Styled Shoot
Photos by Brienne Michelle Photography | Bridal - 0
Some say the woods are a magical place, filled with wonder and beauty just waiting to be discovered. If whismy and mystery are your thing, this sky forest shoot is sure to dazzle you! In a lush, captivating, and exciting place, the forest provides the perfect setting to make fairytales come to life. Photographer Brienne Michelle uses gorgeous, eye-catching flowers to adorn the romatic scenes in this cozy photoshoot. Check...
Spicy and Sexy Boudoir Session
Photos by Wilde Company | Hotel - 0
Any woman who owns her whole self apologetically is a badass babe. Lady Lila is definiely one of those women. She radiates confidence and strength. These photos by Wilde Company are both provocative and fierce. Lady Lila owns every pose. The edgy wardrobe choices and moody lighting compliment the overal tone of the shoot. I feel like deep down, we all wish we had a little of Lady Lila's edge and inner confidence. &n...
Couple's Boudoir Shoot
Photos by LW Imaging | Bedroom - 0
Would you ever guess that this gorgeous woman is the mama of twin girls?! We sure wouldn't! Her sweet husband gifted her with a boudoir session to remind just how gorgeous she is (if only all men could be like him!). LW Imaging decided to add her thoughtful hubs in for a few photos and the shoot pivoted to be more of a love session. It's amazing that after four years of marriage and two children, their love still looks as...
Aspiring Actress Styled Shoot
Photos by ENV Photography USA | Studio - 0
This shoot is all about contrast! It's about the contrast between dark and light, but also the contrast between sassy and sweet. So many facets of the model's personality are captured in this one session. It just goes to show how complex each and every person is.  We absolutely love how this shoot was styled. The glammed out makeup and wabrobe literally make this session sparkle!      From the Ph...
Artistic Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Brittany Leigh Photography | Bedroom - 0
Here's a session for all of you creative souls out there! This gorgeous woman is an artist and wanted to bring a little of her art along with her playful nature into her session. We are huge proponents that the best shoots are the ones that feel the most like YOU. If you do what you love and show who are you in your photos, you can never go wrong. Brittany Leigh Photography so beautifully captured the essence of her...
Outdoor Waterfall Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Verde Beauty Studio | Outdoor - 0
A waterfall boudoir shoot is definitely a first for us! Not only is this location incredibly gorgeous, the muted tones and texture allow the model to shine and steal the show. The model's makeup elevates her already obvious beauty and Verde Beauty Studio did a fabulous job guiding her through poses that flatter her body.      From the Photographer | We love outdoor boudoir so when we had a chan...
Lace Gown Maternity Shoot
Photos by Jen Linfield Photography | Maternity - 0
Pregnancy is a time of transition. Both your body and mindset change as you prepare for motherhood, and it could not be a more beautiful process. However, admist all of the beauty, many women find themselves feeling uncomfortable in their own skin durng their third trimester. It's so important to remember the amazing feat of creating a tiny human and that your body is making a miracle happen. It's so important to celebrat...
Countryside Fashion Portrait Shoot
Photos by Yanitza Ninett Photography | Outdoor - 0
This session by Yanitza Ninette Photography is the perfect hybrid of earthy and whimsical. We adore the warm tones of the model's dress and flower crown contrasted by her cooler editing style. You can't help but want to head outdoor for a breath of fresh air after seeing this beautiful shoot!      From the Photographer | A styled shoot inspired by natural beauty. I took advantage of the natural ligh...
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