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With much discussion, we have decided to close Lace in Light. We are so grateful for all of the photographers that have contributed to LiL over the years. You have provided us with constant inspiration and helped us personally grow with our own craft of photography.

If you are wondering why, this paragraph is for you! First and foremost our personal evolution has taken us in a different direction. While boudoir and female portrait work will always be a passion, our main focus has shifted into growing our photo company. While it could be possible to continue to run this on the side, our hearts are just not there anymore. We are simply not fans of half ass-ing anything we put our hands on. We hope you understand!

What will happen to Lace in Light now? We will leave the website up to help archive this time period of photography. We hope Lace in Light will continue to motivate photographers, inspire client's, and provide educational tips for this industry. If you have submitted to us and we said yes, please feel free to submit elsewhere. As of today, we will no longer be updating this site.

Thanks again!
Jada + David

Tattoos and Clay by Blue Flame Boudoir
Photos by Blue Flame Boudoir, LLC | Outdoor
Attitude is translated so loudly in photographs, and I have to say that this model has the best one! The female form is so effortlessly beautiful, particularly the curve of the spine, which Mackenzie captures perfectly. The lighting is clearly magnificent, giving the model a sunkissed glow. What draws me to this particular series is the artistry and the fine art feel of her feminine figure against the roughness of the environment. I see the story of a woman who is bold, striking, tough, and fascinating, a woman who has ...
Book Review: Girl Code
By Catie-Reagan Palmore | Opinion
"You know a woman is strong, beautiful, and secure by the way she empowers and inspires others." --Cara Alwill Leyba One of my favorite parts about this time of year is actually having the time to sit down and read. My latest read was Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur. Geez, what a mouthful to say. Don't let the title intimidate you because this book was just the girl power book I needed to get me ready to take on my last year of college. This ...
Kaley's Shower Self Portrait Session
Photos by Kaley Rae Photography | Self Portraits
Simplicity is the key to the brilliance of Kaley's self portrait session. It takes a combination of bravery and gumption to step in front of the lens along with an astuteness and skill necessary to successfully model and photograph. Self portrait photography is an excellent opportunity to grow as both a person and an artist. I encourage you all to try stepping in front of the camera for a change! Scroll down to hear from Kaley about her experience!    From the Photographer | I'm Kaley, a natural light,...
Lighting Test with Taylor
Photos by Moss Photography | Bedroom
The model, Taylor, has a positively contagious and radiant beauty that is effortlessly captured through Molly Ashlie's lens. An unapologetic confidence powers through these images revealing that simplicity is sometimes the key to brilliance. Molly's use of lighting is what drew me to her series. The moody silhouettes and choice of colors in particular are quite breathtaking. Sometimes photographers focus so much on their subject that they disregard the background. The background of a photograph enriches the subject by s...
Wedding Gift Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Elizabeth Craig Photography | Studio
We have a remarkable boudoir shoot to share today! Elizabeth Craig Photography has wowed us with this studio boudoir shoots featuring one of her clients. This shoot ranges from sweet and lovely to seductive to fierce and passionate. We are in awe of the range of emotions she was able to pull from her client. Each pose flatters and highlights her client's natural beauty. This shoot may have started as a wedding gift for her fiance, but there's no doubt in our minds that it left her feeling empowered and a little mor...
Boudoir Poses Without a Bed
By Catie-Reagan Palmore | How To
Sometimes bedroom shoots are a bit overdone. And some of the best boudoir series are shot in a studio. Test the limits of your creativity by trying new poses in the studio. Here's a few suggestions...
Moroccan Inspired Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Vanessa Vargas | Hotel
This Post Contains Mild Nudity
Vanessa, a wedding photographer from Puerto Rico, discovered a beautiful boutique hotel with a Moroccan flare. She immediately knew that she needed to do a boudoir shoot that continued with that theme. She took her model, added some henna tattoos, and went all in with her Moroccan shoot. The patterns, vibrant colors, and metallic accents really brought this shoot to life.  We loved how this shoot turned out. It is a great portfolio piece for Vanessa and provides so much inspiration to others. Be sure to s...
Darby Moody Boudoir Shoot
Photos by Katie Burnett Photography | Bedroom
Everyone loves a lazy Sunday morning. It is fun to do nothing and just take your time rising to the world. Katie wanted to create that feeling with her subject, Darby, as they explored her sensual side. The photos they produced are dimly lit giving a very moody effect. We thoroughly enjoyed Katie's crops, close-ups, and black and whites. Be sure to scroll down and visit Darby's lazy Sunday morning!      From the Photographer | As usual, emotion was at the forefront of this boudoir shoot. I wa...
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