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Darkness and Light: Learning to Love Your Insecurities

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Any human being would be lying if they said they did not have insecurities. Often, we try to hide or mask our “darker” parts, or those things about ourselves that we don’t like.  We wear clothes that show our slimmest qualities and hide our stomachs. Our mouths tell people that we are “good”, even when every other part of us is screaming “BAAAAD”. We try to show only our best moods or qualities and all too often mask reality.

The white lies of daily life get us into the most trouble. Rather than being honest, we are in costume and in character, pretending life is a stage. But this constant acting is what makes it the most difficult behind the curtains of our minds. We feel like we are alone in these feelings of uncertainty or that we should not feel them.

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But guess what…nothing in this life is perfect. Everyone and everything has “flaws”. And you don’t always need to feel happy. It is okay to feel however you feel, no matter what the emotion is. It is okay to look exactly how you look. There is no part about you that you should ever try to hide. For when we mask these things about ourselves, it is like telling yourself that part of you is wrong. And that part of you needs to be hidden because it is not worthy and will not be accepted.

But that simply is not true. Every inch of you is loved. Even the “darkest” parts of you, are a part of you, and they do not need to hide. They make you, you. They deserve to be loved too.

When we try to suppress those emotions or insecurities, we foster a place for the to remain and grow. But if we can be honest with ourselves and our peers about them, we learn that their reality is not as scary as we perceived. As we learn to love both the darkness and light within us, we allow them to come and to leave.

So for today, take off the mask you wear, and show the world what is really there. You might be surprised but how light you feel when you take off the pressure and allow yourself to be real.




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