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Lace in Light has only been up and running for a few short months. It has been a beautiful thing to witness its growth and share the work of the many talented photographers out there. Every single day we are constantly blown away by the quality of submissions in our inbox. You all have been pushing the boundaries of what defines boudoir photography, and we absolutely love it. It is truly an honor to be able to share your work.

This behind the scenes sereies is to help you get to know the faces behind Lace in Light and for us to share the inspiration behind this blog. With that said, I'm excited to introduce all of you to our editor.


Our Editor

Jada is the editor and co-founder of Lace in Light. Her love and fascination with documenting the female form came long before she even heard the term boudoir photography. She received a bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia with a major in Studio Art and a concentration in Fine Art Photography. She has studied photography from the inside out and is well versed in everything from large format film photography to the digital world.

She is a working wedding and boudoir photographer and is a lover of wine, golden retrievers, and sunshine. The idea to start a boudoir based blog came to her after she had photographed a styled boudoir shoot that she was dying to share. She searched for a high-quality photography based blog that specialized in boudoir photography but came up short. She found that the only blogs that were even sharing boudoir photos were some of the more popular wedding blogs...but even those blogs seemed to only accept shoots that add a very light, airy, ethereal bridal feel to them. It left her feeling frustrated and with the desire to create a blog dedicated solely to boudoir and female portrait photography where all styles of work would be accepted. The only criteria is that the photos must be well-composed, well-lit, tasteful images. 

We hope our diverse content of styles and genres helps provide inspiration to all of the many photographers out there.


Lace in Light Behind the Scenes  Our Editor - Image seen on www.laceinlight.comLace in Light Behind the Scenes  Our Editor - Image seen on



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Lace In Light is a photography driven boudoir blog that showcases fine art photography highlighting the beauty of the female form.

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