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Tips For Submitting Your Work

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Submitting your work to blogs can be great for your business. You can connect with the blog's audience, get your clients excited, and increase your website's SEO. While all blogs are different, I decided to write a post that will help you get featured on our blog and possibly other blogs as well. 


Pick the right shoot. 

It is important to look over the blog you want to submit to before you submit. Every blog has its own style and to be featured the body of work you are submitting must match that style. Many times when your submission is denied it is not because the work is bad but that the shoot simply does not match the style of our blog.


Be original. 

We receive a great deal of boudoir submissions each day, so we are always looking for original and creative content to feature. Our main goal is to be a source of inspiration and help people think outside of the box. We love submissions that surprise us and that put a unique twist on boudoir photography. 


Submit variety.

Make sure you don't just submit one point of view. Send in all sorts of crops and frames. Also include some "B-Roll" of the environment you are in. Detail shots help tell the story of your shoot and help make the blog post more interesting. 


Follow the guidelines.

Every blog has their own guidelines for submitting. Be sure to read the guidlines for each site before you submit. It is annoyoing when images are sized incorrectly, and it may deter us and other blogs from featuring your work. 


Make it easy.

Make it easy for us to view and download. Websites like Pixieset, Dropbox, and Pass are our favorite ways to receive submissions. They are super easy to view and even easier to download. 


Write a good blurb.

It is important to suck us in even before we see the images. When you submit work, introduce yourself and tell us the creative process behind the shoot. It makes us love the images even more when we get to see them.


Don't over do the editing.

Every blog is different when it comes to editing. For us, we love natural feeling images. We do not publish any overly smoothed faces or overly color corrected images that don't feel natural. Keep it natural, and we will love it!


In focus.

We are photographers and it is a very big turn off to us when an image is out of focus. Make sure the images you submit are in foucs.


How we select submissions to feature | As we all know, art is very subjective. For that reason, everytime we receive a submission to, we put it to a vote. There are three of us and each one of us has a little bit different taste. This helps keep our blog unique and interesting.


We are always looking for new and unique submissions. We would love to see your work!


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