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Requirements: All images must be at least 1300 pixels wide saved for web at 72 dpi. Please make sure that your vertical images have a width of 1300px. This means the short end going left to right MUST be at least 1300px wide. We are currently only accepting submissions from photographers.


Terms of use: By submitting your work, you are acknowledging that the subject is over 18 years of age and you have their permission to submit photos of them. You are also agreeing to let us post your submission on our website and social media. Make sure that you like all of the photographs that you submit. We will not change the order, edit the post, or remove any photographs from a post after it is published. We hold the right to remove a publication if any drama arises. No one likes drama :) . Lace In Light is an exclusive blog that strives to feature fresh + unique content. Please let us know in advance if you have submitted to other blogs. Once your feature has been accepted for publication on Lace In Light, we ask for a 90 day window of exclusivity from your publication date before you submit to another blog or magazine.

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Lace In Light is a photography driven boudoir blog that showcases fine art photography highlighting the beauty of the female form.

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